Virtual Cuss Jar to Relieve National Debt Proposed

Whether you voted for Trump or not you must agree, our POTUS has a Potty Mouth! Makes this the perfect time for you to sign our petition for a cuss jar to relieve the national debt!

We, the people, who have appointed him leader should now leverage that fact by linking a PayPal Donation Button to the U.S. Treasury bank account. Next time he lets fly, he ponies up, and our grand kids all have a brighter future. Make sense?

It should for the following reasons:

  • No Learning Curve: This idea simply adapts an existing, well known concept
  • Uses Tech: Virtual Cuss Jar has negligible cost to taxpayers
  • No Admin: Honor system for donations means no invoices, statements, etc.
  • All Can Play: This means you, too

We do not claim that this plan is fool proof. No plan ever is. We just think it beats the fuck out of anything produced in Washington.

They gave you Smoot-Hawley; we give you this.

And didja see just how easily we could do our own civic duty here? And we would. But we can't. Cuz it ain't built yet.

But it might be, if you sign our petition.

Thanks in advance, Citizen. To brighter days!
Roger Leeper, American


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