MISSION: Publish an Open-Source Blueprint for Success

In the span of fifty years in sales, I've had access to some of the best training avaiable. Putting that training to use through the years permits me to illustrate most of those same lessons now with personal anecdotes, harvested from decades of experience.

Telling those stories helps others learn how all the dots connect, or at least how they have connected for me. Commenting on these stories turns the monolog into a dialog, so add your voice to mine while you're here. Crowdsourcing adds perspective as it builds community.

Shanachie created ways for members of Celtic clans to learn their laws and lore. Elders informed, then Shanachie engaged through songs, plays, dances, poems, stories, narratives and more. Before written language, this is how information was stored and transferred.

Now in the third half of my life, it's time to give back. I'm building this fire in hopes that a success-minded clan may form.

All are welcome. Let's talk about success. Yours and mine. Past and future.


Think Like a Pirate

(or Fifty Shades of Grey Crayola)

“Take what you can. Give nothing back.” 

Sounds like something that some sleazy salesman might say, right? Yet that line from Pirates of the Caribbean actually describes using the rhythm of the waves to help secure your ship to the dock. 

Managing perception is a tricky thing for pirates. 

Errol Flynn, buckling his swash

Say the word ‘clown’ in a room full of folks, and every one pictures a clown in their head. With no two alike, you get Krusty and Ronald McDonald and Bozo and the Juggalos and Pennywise - one and two. To have a meaningful clown conversation with this group, you probably want to define ‘your’ type of clown at the start. 

So for our conversation today, please picture a handsome, daring, swashbuckling pirate and not some dead Somali in a dingey with his head ventilated by a US Navy Seal. Still with me?

Next, with your pirate's image fixed somewhere between Errol Flynn and Captain Jack Sparrow, I’ll open my flip-top head and share how my inner pirate thinks. 

My Golden Anniversary in Sales

Sometime this summer I will hit my Golden Anniversary in Sales. I got my start by answering an ad in a comic book for the Junior Sales Club of America. Having just celebrated my 58th birthday, the years between were filled with experiences that built on that early foundation.

I often use my experience when training new sales folk or working with customers, crafting stories from the ones where I learned the most. Shuffling through these stories for me is a bit like traveling through time. And that, coupled with my love of all things radio, caused me to think this:

Imagine a ‘future you’ that has a radio transmitter that can broadcast backwards through time. If you could open up the frequency for just five minutes, what advice would you send back to the ‘current you’? 

New Year's Revolutions 2017

Writing goals down and then filing them away brings measurable success to most who do it, hence the popularity of setting New Year's Resolutions. Since goal setting is a skill there are best practices that we can all benefit from. Presented here are tips on what has worked for me. And if you use the S.M.A.R.T. goalsetting method, we offer a tweak show to boost performance.

To get into the goal stting zone, ponder first some human achievements that impress you, like the Pieta by Michelangelo. The first moonwalk. Mapping the human genome. These and all other human achievements began as ideas. Ideas are great as far as they go. 

Sadly, this is usually no further than the inside of the skull of the thinker, unless goals are set around those ideas. Goals put ideas into action.

S. D. E. Dogg
J. C. Penney

Was it rapper Snoop Dogg E. Dogg or the great retailer J. C. Penney who once said

“Give me a stock clerk with a goal and I'll give you a man who will make history. Give me a man with no goals and I'll give you a stock clerk.”

Our Duty as Americans

My stark, raving capitalism is a purely American phenomenon. Believing that in the end, all problems can be solved with money, I've gladly paid my taxes (even when it hurt), I've voted with my pocketbook, and I've given to charities that I feel merit my humble contributions.

Scaling that last idea up to the level where the majority of Americans might agree, imagine this version of the future: 


Beyond the funny, please focus for a minute on the merit of the underlying idea. Karl Zinsmeister speaks to America's history with philanthropy better than I ever could. So I won't. See for yourself instead: https://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/charitable-giving-and-the-fabric-of-america/

What I will do is encourage you to sign our petition. The image of a barn raising is a fitting one - members of the community coming together to accomplish what all of them alone can not. Join us here: https://www.change.org/p/national-cuss-jar-to-relieve-national-debt

No foolin'! Each signature sends two emails - one to the President and another to his staff.

And once you have done your part, please help us spread the word. Share: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | LinkedIn

Thank you for your support.

Going 'Even Further'


2018 marks my Golden Anniversary in sales. My long, strange trip now takes a wicked right turn, with a project inspired by two of my heros.

Ken Kesey gave birth to the Hippie movement. His psychedelic, day-glo '39 International Harvester bus named 'Further' literally put the counter-culture in motion. The evangelistic approach of the Acid Tests makes The Merry Pranksters the mothers and fathers of experiential marketing. Tom Wolf's Electric Kool Aid Acid Test is a fittingly colorful telling of their experience. Recommended.

Napoleon Hill interviewed 500 of steel magnate Andrew Carnegie's most successful pals, to learn about their methods and experiences. Blessed to get a copy of his book Think And Grow Rich at a young age, this small volume answered a large number of my own questions, as it has for millions of others.

Both have been heroes of mine for years. Hopefully, you know of them too, at least well enough to begin to understand these questions:

  • What if Ken Kesey had met Napoleon Hill instead of Owsley Stanley?
  • What if the power of positive thought replaced the acid?
  • What if they let me drive the bus?

Picture a group of fun-loving friends, focused on helping each other by expanding not only their minds but their wallets as well. Passionate people, eager to help others.

Dropping knowledge instead of acid, a clan of enlightened, compassionate capitalists fueling the success of others in order to become more successful themselves. They have plenty of experience to share and are actively seeking an audience. Their shanachie is along to make sure these contributions get noted and these stories get told, for the betterment of all.

And now, our virtual bus is at your stop. Some of the clan is already onboard. You heard the party coming from over a block away. As we pull up the door swings open, overwhelming your senses even further. We are committed to going even further. We've named our virtual bus Even Further in tribute.

This clan is destined for greater success. This clan committed to going the distance. This clan is working together for the betterment of all.

Think you can hang? Come on then! Hop on the bus, and ride with The Merry Banksters!

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm...

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The man who acquires the ability to take full possession of his own mind may take possession of anything else to which he is justly entitled.
Andrew Carnegie